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$500/2 HRS/4-5 Looks

4-5 Looks, Time Permitting

2 Hour Shoot Time

*1 Retouch Included*

Download Link to ALL JPEG images 

5-6 Different Background Changes

Private Online Gallery for Sharing & Easy Viewing

Mini Shoot


$250/2 Looks

Up to 1 Hour Shoot Time

*No Retouches Included*

Download Link to ALL JPEG images 

2-3 Different Background Changes

Private Online Gallery for Sharing & Easy Viewing



$225/1 HR

Real couple, family, pet, or athletic

1 Hour Shoot Time

*No Retouches Included*

Download Link to ALL JPEG images 

1-2  Outfit Changes

Private Online Gallery for Easy Sharing & Viewing



$400/Up To 4 Looks

Age 5-16 ONLY

1.5 Hour Shoot Time

*1 Retouch Included*

Download Link to ALL JPEG images 

4-5 Different Background Changes

Private Online Gallery for Sharing & Easy Viewing

How To Book:


In order to officially book your shoot I ask for a $50.00 non-refundable deposit through Venmo (preferred) or Paypal. This deposit goes toward the cost of your shoot, the remaining amount would then due at the end of the shoot either by cash, check, Venmo, or PayPal.


What’s Included:


Please do not bring more looks than the maximum looks I allow as we simply will not have enough time. You will receive 1-2 download link(s) to ALL images from your shoot via Wetransfer within 3-5 days following your shoot. I will also provide you with a link to a private password protected gallery that you can easily view and share with agents, managers, family, and friends. 




Included with your shoot I will retouch up to 1 image, depending on the shoot you book for printing and posting on the casting sites. If no retouches are included with your shoot or you would like any additional images retouched past the initial free ones included with your shoot I charge only $10 an image payable through Venmo. If you are interested in an advanced retouch, which I call a "hard retouch" which includes removal of large clothing logos, clothing color changes, or background changes or removals I charge $25 an image.


How You Receive Your Images After The Shoot:


I will provide all JPEG images from the shoot to the client within 3-5 days following your shoot via a downloadable link from WeTransfer to your best email address. Typically with how many images we shoot you will receive anywhere from 1-2 links. Once you receive those links please download them to your computer ASAP so that you have all your shots saved for you, as the links expire after 7 days. 


You will also receive a link to a private password protected gallery page which is what you can send to your agent/manager after the shoot so they can also view all the images and make their own selections.




I don’t currently offer hair and make up, however clients are permitted to bringing their own hair and make up person if desired. Additionally, if you opt to not using a makeup artist and taking care of all your own touch ups and changes you will have access to a small bathroom where you could alter & style your own hair and change makeup in between looks. Men are permitted to shave in between looks if they bring all of their own towels and shaving supples. You must also %100 clean up your mess behind you, with no hair left in the sink, when finished. All clients must bring their your own styling tools/make up/shaving supplies/towels/etc. 


If you do choose to bring your own hair and make up artist I ask that you both arrive ready to shoot your first look at your scheduled shoot time. That may mean arranging to meet somewhere with your makeup artist before the shoot and then arriving to me ready to begin shooting promptly at your scheduled time. Any other minor hair/makeup changes that the artist would need to make could be made here afterwards. Additionally, they will need to come with us while we are shooting, they will not be permitted to stay behind at my complex.


One makeup artist whom I can confidently recommend and that I have worked with many times I have included the details about below, however you would need to coordinate with her separately to work out any pricing or scheduling details. 


Beauty Virtue by Vanessa Logan



Where We Shoot:


I am located 45 minutes outside of LA in Camarillo, CA. We shoot in a private open air garage where we utilize natural lighting. 


When We Shoot:


Due to natural lighting the best time frame to shoot at this time of year is to schedule a time somewhere between 10:00 AM  -   7:00 PM. 


I offer 2 time slots available per day:


As we move into the Summer weather, the heat and harsh lighting in the middle of the day make from roughly 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM the shoot time to AVOID. 


Morning shoot     10:00 AM - 1:00 PM 

Afternoon shoot     4:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Cancellations and Reschedules:


In the event that the weather is bad on the day we scheduled for, such as excessive overcast or raining/sprinkling then I will reschedule to shoot with you for the next available day, or refund your deposit to you. 


If you must cancel or reschedule your shoot for any reason you must notify me at least 48 hours in advance, because I block out my schedule and turn down other clients or work opportunities during the time I schedule you for I ask for a minimum of at least 48 hours notice for a cancellation or I will not be able to refund your deposit. Thank you for understanding. 


Some Simple Guidance When Planning Looks:


The two most important looks to get is a strong commercial shot and a strong theatrical shot. 


For commercial, focus on brighter colors. Colors like bright blue, teal, yellow, peach, lime green, or purple all work well here. It is also okay to add a layer to this look something like a button up in a  plaid or jean or a color that contrasts well with the undershirt. Jackets, sweaters, etc. can all work here as well. 


Common looks that are in right now commercially could be a helpful employee type look in a bright polo, a blue collar mom/dad type look in a bright plaid or button up type shirt, or also a preppy tech type look in a button up with sweater over it. 


For theatrical more muted tones are best. Brown, gray, maroon, forest green, navy blue, and cream. MAYBE black could work depending on the background or how you layer it, but that is usually not the best option. 


AVOID WHITE, BLACK, AND RED as a general rule of thumb, UNLESS your agent has specifically asked for it or it’s used as a layer, such as a black jacket or a red polo for an employee type look. 


Other looks to do could be something like a preppy look or a nerdy look with glasses. Or if you have a more hipster type vibe something that showcases that is always good. Basically anything that showcases who you are as a person and what type of roles you what to go out for, whether that be sporty, skater, hipster, business, etc. Also a nice leather jacket is always a  good option to throw on for more edgy looks. Or maybe a suit and tie or business option.


Best rule of thumb is always just bring lots and lots of options so we can mix and match and see what works. I would rather us have lots of options we don’t end up using than not have enough options. Typically just focus on bringing a nice mix of colors and some muted tones. Glasses, that can have the LENSES POPPED OUT, if you have them or want that look. Avoid hats unless it's a beanie or something that would work in a hipster look. Also avoid big, distracting graphics and logos. 


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